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Players Network Entertainment

EST. 1995
Players Network Entertainment is a live music event and production company.
Live Event and Digital Media Platform
PNE consists of a group of world class concert promoters, music industry executives and digital media experts with a rich history of production and concert experience that has partnered to promote a series of concerts for international multimedia distribution specifically from exotic travel destinations in the U.S. and abroad.

Today, Players Network Entertainment has plans to redevelop previous shows as well as launch a series of Live Concert productions globally with world class box office artist.

Our mission is to provide the best in music entertainment, bringing the concert experience up close and personal to every audience.
Players Network Entertainment
Get to know PNE. 
In the rapidly expanding market for home entertainment, quality programming is a valuable commodity. Players Network Entertainment hereafter PNE was formed to produce a broad range of proprietary new products for the Television and Home Entertainment industry. The company is now applying their resources to building a successful television production enterprise based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The General Partners of PNE have earned a solid reputation in the live entertainment and video production industry. PNE team has consistently received favorable reviews for their products from national, regional, and local media such as Entertainment Weekly, Billboard Magazine, Las Vegas Weekly, Las Vegas Sun, Black Enterprise, Los Angeles Times.
With its highly qualified management team, marketing resources, and progressive business relationships, PNE is well-positioned to take full advantage of the industry's phenomenal on-going growth. In order to assure the success of their products PNE has prudently enlisted the resources and capabilities of major corporations, secured by contractual commitments, to market and distribute their programs to the worldwide marketplace.

The proven track record of the industry, combined with its current evolution and strong positive forecast for future growth, offers significant potential for highly rewarding investment opportunities. The demonstrated expertise and entrepreneurial temperament of PNE provides an attractive opportunity for investors to profit from a truly innovative emerging growth company with tremendous potential.
Enjoy one of our Legacy videos featured above.

PNE has over 30 years of experience in Design, Technology, and Marketing. We take pride in delivering Intelligent Designs and Engaging Experiences for clients all over the world.

PNE recently signed several pre-sale distribution and marketing contracts that guarantee distribution of their original programs to Home Entertainment and Television markets worldwide. This contract has been signed with ESPLANADE MEDIA and under that contract, they have a distribution with;  

Distribution Partners

Seen By Millions
PNE recently signed several pre-sale distribution and marketing contracts that guarantee distribution of their original programs to Home Entertainment and Television markets worldwide. This contract has been signed with ESPLANADE MEDIA and under that contract they have distribution with:
Direct TV
Dish Network
Google Play
On Demand
Microsoft / Xbox
Lightening Entertainment
General Pay Per View Outlets
The programs are based on a variety of popular, interesting, and entertaining topics. Each program is designed to capitalize on prevailing trends that have demonstrated commercial success within the industry.

Negotiations are also in progress with Mega Touring Artist for a series of live concert streaming and television programming. These concerts will feature original programming music in order to provide a more unique, entertaining, and interactive product that will enhance viewer experience and enjoyment.

A diverse assortment of original television and On Demand programs will be developed and produced by PNE in four (4) individual phases. Each phase will result in the completion and delivery of several commercially viable, revenue producing products for worldwide distribution. The diversity and quantity of programs produced in each phase will dramatically reduce risk typically associated with dependency on the success of just one program or genre.

PNE plans to create a high yield "catalog of products" (consisting of a collection of successful "hit" programs proven to generate high revenues) by combining the most commercially successful programs from earlier phases with the development and production of commercially viable new products in each successive phase. Over time, this "catalog" will primarily consist of the most highly profitable and successful products produced by the company. This approach will offer incredible long-term profit potential to equity investors and partners.
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